Wednesday, 14 April 2021

Latest additions of goods for sale

 Just completed tagging my goods for sale through Kedron Arts Group Show at Brookside 26th April- 2nd May.  Net proceeds from sale of my items will be added to  Church funds via the Gift Box.  You will find Rolled Paper Beads, wooden beads covered with Japanese Washi Paper, Decoupaged Glass Pendants, Earrings, Decoupaged Pieces, Cinderella Boxes, Decoupage Soaps, Covid Masks and more.  Stock may also be accessed by emailing

Tuesday, 1 December 2020

A Gift with a Difference


These well established selection of PEPPERONIS in a hand made bowl can be yours for $15 each.  The plant is watered by soaking in a container until it is saturated - probably once a week, depending on where it has been situated.  Another option is to hang it in a string sling which is also provided.

More Gift Ideas


Good quality soaps have been sealed, painted and decorated with a cut out image before being lacquered.  They may be used, and the image remains until the soap is finished - or just use as a decoration in the bathroom.  Cost (including gift bag) $6.

The CINDERELLA BOXES (so called as they resemble a pumpkin) are recycled Coke  bottles.  They are quite robust having been lacquered after being decorated with paper serviettes.  The petalled lids open and close and make perfect containers for sweets or trinkets.  Cost - large $7 and small $6.

Choose Something Different as a Gift


These GLASS PENDANTS are decorated with a decoupage image on the underside, backed firstly with silk paper, then faux silver or gold leaf before lacquering.  This unique item yours for $15.

The ORIGAMI EARRINGS have been folded from Japanese origami paper.  Several coats of lacquer give them rigidity.  They sell for $6 a pair.

More Jewellery Items for your Gift Selection


These hand rolled paper beads have been cut from recycled calendars or greeting cards before being sealed and lacquered.  The images used are depicted on the label.  Cost of   NECKLACES is $15, those with MATCHING EARRINGS $20


New Stock in your Gift Box


These wooden beads have been covered with Japanese Washi Paper before lacquering.

First image is of PENDANTS - cost $8.

The JUMBO BEADED NECKLACES are priced at $18.

The third image depicts ADJUSTABLE NECKLACES the cost of which is $15.

Saturday, 6 April 2019


WHY NOT REOPEN "THE GIFT BOX" as a fundraising idea for St Pauls Stafford UC?

New ideas are being added regularly.

You are invited to scroll through the old posts on this blog - many of the items have been sold,  but may be repeated on request.

A recent addition has been Recycled Wooden beads covered with JAPANESE WASHI PAPER and strung as PENDANTS or adjustable NECKLACES.  View these on the previous blog.

Orders will also be taken for MINIATURE SUCULENT GARDENS or KOKEDAMAS.

Maybe you may like to add your craft creations to the list of GIFT IDEAS.