Friday, 4 March 2016

Mother of Pearl Pendants

Mother of Pearl Pendants

Here are the latest items added to the Gift Box.  These pendants are threaded on a string of small beads, but may be removed to put on your own chain.  Miniature tiles on pendant on right are made of fragments of painted egg shell.

As well as items listed on the blog there is a much wider range of ROLLED PAPER BEADS available for inspection on request.

Pic. 1 - Selection of range of Rolled Paper Beads ($15 or $20 with earrings)
Pic. 2 - Pearl shell pendants ($10)

Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Decoupaged Soaps

Decoupaged Soaps

"Gifts made with LOVE in the HOPE that they give JOY to others"

The images on these soaps have been buried under 6 coats of water based lacquer and are made to be used.  The image will remain until the soap wears down to it.

Ring Barbara or email for information about any of the other items in the Gift Box, or if you would like to contribute hand made items to stock.

Contributions to the Gift Box remain the property of the donor who may withdraw them at any time.

Please invite your friends to view the blog and contact Barbara to view items.

Pic. 1 - Samples of decoupaged soaps. ( Price $5 each)

Friday, 5 February 2016

Cinderella Boxes

Cinderella Boxes

These small gift boxes are so called because they resemble a pumpkin.  Surprise people when you mention that they are made by recycling a Coke bottle - either 2 litre or 1.25 litre -  BUT if must be a Coke bottle, either similar containers will just NOT work.

They are decorated by "painting" on torn sections of the top layer of a patterned serviette.  Decorative stickers may be added before lacquering with water based lacquer.

Pic. 1 - Large Cinderella boxes ($7 each)
Pic. 2 - Small Cinderella boxes ($5 each)

Thursday, 4 February 2016

Crocheted Treasures

Crocheted Necklaces (alternate use - Trims for garments)

Items "From our Giftbox" are made with Love in the Hope that they bring Joy to the recipients."

Delving into thread archives resulted in these necklaces with a difference.  The heritage  thread used in the antique square motifs was inherited from "Grandma's treasures", and the cream silken thread is from just  one generation back.  The pink and purple are from a more recent hoard.

Pic. 1 - Cream crocheted beaded floral necklace ($15); Antique white square motif necklace ($15)
Pic. 2 - Crochet cotton (pink and purple) floral necklaces (each $10)

Monday, 1 February 2016

Terracotta Pots +

Terracotta Pots

Added to the Gift Box have been several items, the first of which are Decorated terracotta pots.  These pots are unglazed so are only suitable for DRY USE, or plants that require very little water.  However if potting medium is secured in plastic the plant may be watered by spraying sparingly.

As well 2 Under Glass decoupaged plates with LENTEN DESIGNS have been added.

Pic. 1 - Terracotta pots ($10 each or $12 if planted with a cutting
Pic. 2 -  Lenten plate ($15) (SOLD)
Pic. 3 -  Lenten plate ($15)

Saturday, 12 December 2015

The Gift Box is Opened

Introducing the Gift Box

Thankyou to the congregation of St Paul's Stafford U C for receiving this fund raising idea - your support today resulted to $112 being added to the coffers.

For a real success of this venture "the Box" needs a variety of goods reflecting the talents of those who love creating.  Your creations are sought at the price you suggest.  Hand made greeting cards is one idea.

Hand made items in an affordable price range make wonderful gifts - so if you need a small gift, please look in "the Gift Box" first.  I am happy for people to call to view what is available or bring down to the church on Sundays if requested.

Why not tell your friends about the blog?

Phone Barbara or email at 

Friday, 11 December 2015

Christmas Luminarea

A Little bit about Luminareas

Light up your table with a Christmas message by candlelight - preferably a battery candle, but if using a lighted candle put a little water in the bottom of the glass to prevent it cracking.

The decoupaged images are glued over a background of textured rice paper and buried in 5 or 6 layers of water based lacquer.

The samples pictured below are priced at $8

Barbara may be contacted on or 3359 8937