Saturday, 12 December 2015

The Gift Box is Opened

Introducing the Gift Box

Thankyou to the congregation of St Paul's Stafford U C for receiving this fund raising idea - your support today resulted to $112 being added to the coffers.

For a real success of this venture "the Box" needs a variety of goods reflecting the talents of those who love creating.  Your creations are sought at the price you suggest.  Hand made greeting cards is one idea.

Hand made items in an affordable price range make wonderful gifts - so if you need a small gift, please look in "the Gift Box" first.  I am happy for people to call to view what is available or bring down to the church on Sundays if requested.

Why not tell your friends about the blog?

Phone Barbara or email at 

Friday, 11 December 2015

Christmas Luminarea

A Little bit about Luminareas

Light up your table with a Christmas message by candlelight - preferably a battery candle, but if using a lighted candle put a little water in the bottom of the glass to prevent it cracking.

The decoupaged images are glued over a background of textured rice paper and buried in 5 or 6 layers of water based lacquer.

The samples pictured below are priced at $8

Barbara may be contacted on or 3359 8937

Sunday, 22 November 2015

Funky Fabric Bags

A Little Bit About Funky Fabric Bags

Perfect small gift for a Teenager or Teenager at heart - Wrist Bags and Shoulder Bags.
I have delved into my stash of "vintage" fabrics for these novel small handbags.  They each are fully lined, and big enough to zip away small treasures - mobile phone, small purse, keys or makeup.

The "pyramid" wrist bags are cut from one rectangular piece of fabric - twice as long as it is wide.  The shoulder bags are made of one long rectulanger piece of fabric stitched "back around itself".

(An endeavour is made to replace stock with a similar item as it is sold - depending on availability of fabric)

Pic. 1 - Denim Pyramid Bags - 6" and 7" high - Cost $8 each.
Pic. 2 - Pure Raw Thai silk (c. 1980's) - Shoulder bag 8" wide at top - Cost $12 (SOLD);  Wrist bag 7" high - Cost $10.
Pic. 3 - Embossed shot jacquard (c. 1960) - Shoulder bag 7" wide at top - Cost $12; Wrist bag 5 1/2" high - Cost $10.
Pic. 4 - Silver lame Shoulder bag - 7" wide at top (SOLD);  Tapestry fabric Shoulder Bag - 9" wide at top - Cost $12 each

Sunday, 15 November 2015

Chunky Bracelets and Scarfrings

A Little bit about Chunky Beads

The process is the same as for rolled paper beads, except using light card instead of paper.  Any card is suitable so long as it will roll around your tool without creasing.  I have recycled some greeting cards for this purpose, or pasted magazine prints, wrapping paper or 1 layer of a patterned serviette onto light card - water colour or drawing paper is suitable.  Like the rolled paper beads each bead is sealed, sometimes decorated further with small cut-outs or stickers before 2 coats of water based lacquer has been applied.

Bracelets and Scarf Rings are elasticised.

Pic. 1 - These beads are more purplish than the photo indicates.  The spacer beads on the necklace are mauve pearls, and on either items are silver cubes.  Price for set - $25,
Pic. 2 -  Spacer beads are imitation pearls.  Set of Bracelet, Scarf Ring and Earrings - $12 (Sold)
Pic. 3 -  Spacer beads are gold.  Set $12. 
Pic. 4 -  Assorted Bracelets, Scarf Rings and Earrings - $5 each.

Ring Barbara or email  for more info.

Thursday, 12 November 2015

A Decoupaged Christmas Message (Under Glass)

A Little bit about Decoupage Under Glass

Using this process the glass takes the place of the multiple layers of varnish to display the image.  However, it still has many steps to reach the end result but done in reverse.  The right side of the image is glued to the glass, several coats of paint are applied for the background (or alternatively a matching or contrasting paper), gesso is applied to block our any light and then back of article painted and finished with several coats of lacquer.  The article may be used, but of course washed very carefully.

The image on this 8" plate has been backed with a textured rice or mulberry paper on which the gold lettering has been applied before gluing.  Paint was applied behind the gold trim and image only so as to achieve the translucent appearance of the surrounds before applying the lacquer.

The image in the frame has been lifted from a Christmas card (by soaking in water and gently peeling off card) before cutting.  Once again gold stickers were applied to fine rice paper backing before background areas were painted.  A piece of white paper and framing finished the project at this point.

Pic. 1 - Under Glass Decoupaged plate - price $10 (SOLD)
Pic. 2 - Framed Christmas Message - $8
Pic. 3 - Christmas Message Under glass - outer edge trimmed with imitation gold leaf - $10
Pic. 4 - Nativity Scene Under Glass trimmed with imitation gold leaf - $10 (SOLD)

Please ring Barbara or email for more info.

Decoupaged Pearl Shell Pendants

A Little bit about Decoupage

Decoupage is the art of cutting from paper a selected image and "burying" it under multiple (sometimes 50 or more) coats of lacquer and then sanding to a smooth and pleasing finish.  However, in the case of these pendants, only 8 coats of water based lacquer have been applied for protection of the image.  These 4 images have been finely cut from reproductions of covers from Vogue magazines of mid 20th century.
(These are a sample of what is available - stock changes from time to time)

They are priced at $15 each and come with a small velveteen wallet for storage.

Please ring Barbara or email for more info.

Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Rolled Paper Beads

About Rolled Paper Beads

Four sets of rolled paper beads have been set aside for The Gift Box.  These particular sets have been cut from art work prints from a calendar.  After being rolled they have been sealed and 2 coats of water based lacquer have been applied  - each bead individually - before being threaded.  Spacer beads are as noted on the description.  They come with a tag that shows the particular image, a brief description of the process and with a bag for storage.

(These are a sample only - many more are in stock)

Please ring Barbara or email for more info.

Pic. 1 - Beads on left are 51cm in length and spacer beads are polished stone chips ($20)
            Beads on right are are 58cm in length and spacers are fresh water pearls ($25)
Pic. 2 - Beads on left are 54cm in length and spacers are fresh water pearls and pearlised glass (Set with earrings $25)
            Beads on right are 47cm in length and spacers are garnet chips and imitation gold (Set with
            Bracelet $25)

Wednesday, 4 November 2015

A New Idea

Opening the St Paul's Stafford Gift box

Hello!  Would you like to be part of this fund raising idea? 

There are lots of folk who love being creative.  But what can we do with these creations?  Here is one idea.  Various items suitable for gifts can go into "The Gift Box" - either physically in a box at St Paul's Stafford Uniting Church, or displayed on this blog and seen by arrangement either at the Church or elsewhere as noted.

Some suggestions may be - Greeting cards, Knitting or embroidered items suitable as gifts for new babes, Potted plants,  Nicely boxed jams or preserves, Gifts by order as suggested by the creator, hand made jewellery - the list goes on.

Funds raised could go into SPSUC general revenue, or to a specified project that is part of the wider work of the Church.

Your response and/or other ideas are welcome.