Thursday, 12 November 2015

A Decoupaged Christmas Message (Under Glass)

A Little bit about Decoupage Under Glass

Using this process the glass takes the place of the multiple layers of varnish to display the image.  However, it still has many steps to reach the end result but done in reverse.  The right side of the image is glued to the glass, several coats of paint are applied for the background (or alternatively a matching or contrasting paper), gesso is applied to block our any light and then back of article painted and finished with several coats of lacquer.  The article may be used, but of course washed very carefully.

The image on this 8" plate has been backed with a textured rice or mulberry paper on which the gold lettering has been applied before gluing.  Paint was applied behind the gold trim and image only so as to achieve the translucent appearance of the surrounds before applying the lacquer.

The image in the frame has been lifted from a Christmas card (by soaking in water and gently peeling off card) before cutting.  Once again gold stickers were applied to fine rice paper backing before background areas were painted.  A piece of white paper and framing finished the project at this point.

Pic. 1 - Under Glass Decoupaged plate - price $10 (SOLD)
Pic. 2 - Framed Christmas Message - $8
Pic. 3 - Christmas Message Under glass - outer edge trimmed with imitation gold leaf - $10
Pic. 4 - Nativity Scene Under Glass trimmed with imitation gold leaf - $10 (SOLD)

Please ring Barbara or email for more info.

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