Sunday, 15 November 2015

Chunky Bracelets and Scarfrings

A Little bit about Chunky Beads

The process is the same as for rolled paper beads, except using light card instead of paper.  Any card is suitable so long as it will roll around your tool without creasing.  I have recycled some greeting cards for this purpose, or pasted magazine prints, wrapping paper or 1 layer of a patterned serviette onto light card - water colour or drawing paper is suitable.  Like the rolled paper beads each bead is sealed, sometimes decorated further with small cut-outs or stickers before 2 coats of water based lacquer has been applied.

Bracelets and Scarf Rings are elasticised.

Pic. 1 - These beads are more purplish than the photo indicates.  The spacer beads on the necklace are mauve pearls, and on either items are silver cubes.  Price for set - $25,
Pic. 2 -  Spacer beads are imitation pearls.  Set of Bracelet, Scarf Ring and Earrings - $12 (Sold)
Pic. 3 -  Spacer beads are gold.  Set $12. 
Pic. 4 -  Assorted Bracelets, Scarf Rings and Earrings - $5 each.

Ring Barbara or email  for more info.

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